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My art inspiration

I mainly do graphic design work or art work of women as you can see becuz for one thing its just easier for me to do. cant explain why. Not that men arent good subjects or nothing. But ive always drawn women in my notebook and such when i was in school back like 15 years ago in highschool. (yes i am that old but still a young adult):) Ive gotten inspirations on my women subjects from hip hop magazines, black hair magazines, anythign to do with music or fashion. And also videos as well. i remember i drew an exact duplicate of Aaliyah in her video from Dr. Doolittle. I forgot the name of the song. But i wish i could find the pic so i coudl post it. Its the part where she has on that long dress with the split on the side. I am a big BIG Aaliyah fan. I was obsessed with everything she did. She was like the sister or friend i never had. becuz she acted just like me personality wise and everything. I was very devastated when she died. Still hard to get past her not bein here when the her death anniversary comes up or her bday comes up. sigh. She would have been so much. I know she’d be li ke the top singer right now not beyonce or rihanna. thats for sure. smh. Anyways i also get my inspiration from art history i learned in highschool like about Monet or Michelangelo, Mexican artist Frieda (i think her name was i cant spell it right), etc. i LOVE Monet’s water lilies painting art work if ya’ll know what i’m talking about then you can picture it. I want to get it as a poster for my room.


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